Snakebites 224: Dickliner

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00:28 – FYI there was no show last week, catching up.
03:43 – Black Santa. Fucking stop talking about it already.
09:12 – Oakland, California warehouse burns down with a lot of people in it, who were having a rave. Too much Oontz.
12:15 – New Texas law goes into effect requiring burial or cremation charges for aborted fetuses.
16:01 – Leftists plan to filibuster national concealed carry reciprocity.
19:13 – Anti-squirrel government guy gets head caved in by a squirrel. This is funny.
21:38 – Dickliner. That’s all. Nothing else.
24:09 – McDonald’s is doing it for reals. Robots and kiosks 2017. John I Told You So’s for a while.
36:47 – John and Mel are officially going to play The Dungeons and The Dragons regularly. John had to rebuild a large portion of a 3d Printer.

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Don’t forget to submit your story for “Free Market Show & Tell” (new name, same idea).  Send either Mel or John your Free Market success stories, using your name, a code name, or remain anonymous. We’ll include it on an upcoming episode! Share deals, too, including discount codes.


Snakebites 178: It Stinks

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00:28 – Winemaking updates.
10:58 – NY Sheriff tortures a guy in 2012. Says “I will rape your fucking mother” Gets arrested this week.
16:50 – Rapist cop get convicted. May be sentenced to 263 years. Will probably get a whole lot less.
20:50 – Paris global warming nonsense. India wants 2.5 trillion to not pollute.
27:22 – Guns again.
34:20 – FIJA pamphlet guy getting charged with a felony. Prosecutor claims that FIJA pamphlets will create a “lawless nation”.
39:38 – Farm fined for $3000 in Fort Worth, TX for selling milk. The farm is 40 miles from Fort Worth. BECAUSE RAW MILK.
42:20 – The same thing, only more and in Michigan. Michigan gooberment forces dairy to destroy piles and piles of perfectly good food because… Nobody knows a good reason why.
46:08 – Zombie Attack Team Building
48:40 – Mystery Science Theater Kickstarter: Mission Accomplished.
55:41 – Star Wars incoming,

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