Snakebites 231: Everything is Orange

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00:28 – Catching up.
01:36 – John has a tiny hissy.
08:06 – Bill to exit the UN.
11:02 – Trump’s federal hiring freeze.
17:04 – Two hundred million for Palestinians.
18:44 – ABC news are lying liars who lie a lot.
22:51 – Rand Paul and his answer to Obamacare.
26:07 – Trump does some more stuff with the National Security Council.
29:41 – California has a sad with the Federal Gooberment. Wants to stop giving it money because when the Left becomes tax resistors it’s okay.
32:43 – More goddamned Trump. Immigration suspensions.
36:37 – Amish guy terrorized for being a snake oil salesman.
41:42 – We talk about Scientology for a bit. It’s funny.
47:50 – John and Mel are Quitting the D&D group.
48:21 – Not all Director’s cuts are the same: Exorcist III. We talk about Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond. Some 80’s gore film and practical effects talk.

Show Notes

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