Snakebites 234: Philosophical Underpinnings

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The Big Three of Philosophee – A Path to Ethics and Morality: A-step-by-step guide to get from rocks and sticks to justice and peace

  • Metaphysics – In Simple Terms
  • Epistemology – Keeping out brains inside of reality, developing concepts.
  • Ethics/Morality – How we decide what is good or bad, based on the nature of reality and how we know what we know.

Show Notes

Don’t forget to submit your story for “Free Market Show & Tell” (new name, same idea).  Send either Mel or John your Free Market success stories, using your name, a code name, or remain anonymous. We’ll include it on an upcoming episode! Share deals, too, including discount codes.


Snakebites 139: Evil Librarians

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00:28 – The Non-Aggression Principle for people who know fuck all about liberty.
01:30:01 – Project Zomboid fun.

ThinkTwice News: Yet Another Modest Proposal

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Our talented and dedicated host, Mr. Sheldon Goldfarb, is struck dumb with an amazing new idea that he thought up with his very own brain.

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