Snakebites 233: Jim Henson’s Incarceration Babies

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00:28 – Catching up.
09:30 – Hillary Clinton “Knew all along” she was going to lose. So she claims.
11:44 – French police anally rape a guy. People riot. French government says that the anal rape was “On accident”.
14:03 – Judge rants about banning guns.
16:55 – Pence hires libertarian from the CATO institute to be the chief economist.
20:03 – ACLU defends Milo Yiannopolos. Lefties have a hissy fit.
24:49 – Venezuela can’t make passports for anyone anymore because they can’t afford to pay for lamination sheets. So they claim.
28:46 – Michigan jail forces woman with a suspended license to give birth in a shit-encrusted, filthy jail cell.
33:43 – Jerry Brown is a douche, in case you didn’t know. Raises taxes on gas and auto registration by 42% and 141%, respectively.
36:11 – Don’t wash your guns in the dishwasher.
38:28 – The Liberty Hall Dungeons and Dragons Extravaganza.
41:35 – Lego Batman review. Comic bookery. Movie industry ranting.

Show Notes

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