Snakebites 228: Meth

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00:28 – Catching Up
07:49 – Guy drives a truck into a crowd of people.
09:20 – Cholesterol is no longer bad, like government said for forty years, because government says so now.
12:12 – An Italian priest has a whole lot of sex orgies.
14:29 – Vile sacks of shit torture an 18 year old mentally disabled kid for hours while streaming to facebook.
21:18 – Gun sales for the year are amazeballs
29:00 – Riots in Mexico over gas prices.
33:14 – No feeding homeless people, volume 500,000,000.
36:17 – Assholes murder another family pet.
38:30 – Cops mistake kitty litter for crystal meth. Ruin a guy’s life for a while.
31:34 – There are people who are anti-3d printing.

Show Notes

Don’t forget to submit your story for “Free Market Show & Tell” (new name, same idea).  Send either Mel or John your Free Market success stories, using your name, a code name, or remain anonymous. We’ll include it on an upcoming episode! Share deals, too, including discount codes.


Snakebites 146: Here to Amuse You. (To Death)

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00:28 – Yay donations! Busy busy busy on the Snakebites homefront.
07:17 – Cop fondling corpses. Hey why not.
10:41 – The Honey Badger gals banninated from comic cons. FOREVER.
14:17 – People getting fined two grand for feeding the homeless.
21:29 – Eastern Bloc Libertopia?
23:43 – A judge put the kibosh on FBI peoples dressing up as the cable guy. They must have seen that movie, too.
25:19 – Some bitch lawyer hates Uber.
28:33 – GTA 5 for PC
29:30 – John’s new 3d printer. The Mighty Mendelmax 3.