Porcfest Chronicles

June 18-24, 2012: Hundreds of liberty-minded folks converged in Lancaster, NH for the ninth Porcupine Freedom Festival (aka Porcfest). ThinkTwice Productions brings you Starfall Media’s Porcfest Chronicles – videos of panels and speeches from the action-packed week. Tune in frequently (or subscribe to the YouTube channel), as we’ll be sharing dozens of these videos!

The opinions expressed here do not necessarily represent those of Porcfest, the Free State Project, Think Twice Productions, Starfall Media, any sponsors or associates thereof.

Friday, June 22

  • PFC44: Atheism & Liberty: Adam Kokesh hosts this discussion on the connection between Atheism, Religion and Liberty. Stefan Molyneux and Ernie Hancock are on hand to participate as well.
  • PFC43: The Roast of Christopher Lawless: VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED
    Dr. Bob Murphy is the Master of Ceremonies for the 2nd Annual Liberty Roast. Activist Chris Lawless is in the hot seat as a cast of all-star liberty lovers provide the roasting. Chris and Bob are joined by Carla Gericke, Tarrin Lupo, Adam Kokesh, Angela Keaton, Patrick Shaheen, Stefan Molyneux, Dr. Dan D’Amico, Brett Veinotte, and John Bush. With a special introduction by Brian Hagen.
  • PFC42: Wheels Off Liberty: The Wheels Off Liberty comedy show recorded at Porcfest 2012.
  • PFC41: Zen Libertarianism: Ernie Hancock introduces Adam Kokesh for this insightful conversation into the mindset of libertarians.
  • PFC40: One Man’s Lifetime: Jeff Berwick discusses living free outside the United States in: One Man’s Lifetime Journey from Enslavement to Freedom… And How We Can All Follow.
  • PFC39: The FSP and Peaceful Secession: Mark Edge introduces Bill Buppert for this presentation titled “The FSP and Peaceful Secession: Divorcing the State, One State at a Time.”
  • PFC38: F. Paul Wilson Q&A: Gardner Goldsmith introduces author and medical doctor F. Paul Wilson. Dr. Wilson talks about his books including Enemy of the State and the Repairman Jack series
  • PFC37: Resistance and Rebellion – Why Empires Always Fall Over Time: Bill Buppert heads up this panel with Adam Kokesh, F Paul Wilson, Boston T Party and Pete Kofod.
  • PFC36: Austrian Economics: Jason Osborne introduces a panel of PhD-holding Austrian economists. Dr. Bob Murphy heads up the panel and is joined by Dr. Dan D’Amico, Dr. Anne Bradley and Dr. Ben Powell. The panel takes questions from the audience and has a great discussion about economics.
  • PFC35: Marijuana Reform: Kirk McNeil gives this presentation on the current state of Marijuana Reform in New Hampshire.
  • PFC34: Case Studies of Stateless Societies: Jason Osborne introduces Dr. Dan D’Amico for this lecture on Stateless Societies.
  • PFC33: NHLA Information Session: Varrin Swearingen introduces Eileen Landies for this information session on the New Hampshire Liberty Alliance. Joining Eileen is Jason and Jeremy.
  • PFC32: Taking it to the Streets: Bill Buppert introduces Angela Keaton for this presentation subtitled “Talking to Normals About War.”
  • PFC31: The Tectonic 10th Amendment Battle: The Tectonic 10th Amendment Battle of the States vs. the Feds. Mark Edge introduces Boston T Party for this presentation at the 2012 Porcupine Freedom Festival.
  • PFC30: The Medical Industrial Complex: After an introduction from Eileen Landies, Dr. Tony Lowenberg asks: why do we spend so much to be so sick?

Thursday, June 21

Wednesday, June 20

Tuesday, June 19

  • PFC11: Nothing Project (Music) We here at TTN are big fans of the one man rock band Nothing Project, and not just because his song You Got Evil (around the 11:00 mark) is in our upcoming movie, Chartarum. Check out his website to order his CD, download free MP3s or check for news on his upcoming album!
  • PFC10: Mr. Hunter (Music) Mr. Hunter performs songs from their album, The Course of Empire.
  • PFC09: The Future of the Free State Project: Chris Lawless introduces Carla Gericke, president of the Free State Project (FSP) who speaks about the future (and past) of the FSP: visions, plans and making the move.
  • PFC08: Monitor ThisDan D’Amico introduces Larken Rose, who explains why the growing survelliance police state – and the heightened paranoia demonstrated by the politicians and their mercenaries – are very good signs, and why, as the state expands its efforts to spy on everyone, monitor everything and stick its tentacles into all aspects of everyone’s lives, that is the best time to proudly and loudly say exactly what those in power don’t want you to say.
  • PFC07: Overcoming Public Education: Porcfest Co-Head Organizer (and TTN partner) Jason Osborne introduces Brett Veinotte (School Sucks podcast) for this talk about how to move beyond the abuses and neglect of the public school system. Jake Desyllas (The Voluntary Life podcast) joins Brett halfway through for a discussion about entrepreneurship and how it ought to start as early as possible in a person’s life.
  • PFC06: Where to Live in New Hampshire: Interested in moving to NH, but uncertain of where to look? In this lively discussion, moderated by Jody Underwood (Bardo Project) of the Upper Valley, people from all around NH talk about what their areas are like (pros and cons of housing, activities, jobs, etc.) and detail locations new movers to New Hampshire might want to consider. Some of the participants include:
    • Carla Gericke of the Upper Valley
    • Mark Edge of Cheshire County
    • Mike Finger of the Seacoast
    • Kate Muller of Manchester
    • Tom Van Der Shire of the Seacoast
    • Pete Eyre of Keene
    • William Kostric of Manchester
    • Stephen Prints of Keene
    • Jarrod Ean-Dixon of Concord
    • Samuel Thomas of Concord
    • Peter Bosse of Grafton
    • Tom Ploszaj of Grafton
    • And more!
  • PFC05: Alternative Currency PanelDan D’Amico introduces a panel focused on alternative currencies moderated by Drew Phillips (What is This Coin Worth?). Participants Ron Helwig (Shire Silver), Ross Edwards (Don’t Tread On Meme), and Matt Whitlock and Joby Weeks (Mountain Hours Organic Currency) discuss the pros and cons of using precious metals like copper, silver and gold as a barter currency at Porcfest and beyond. Learn how to make your own silver-based currency and how to stabilize such a currency in the free market wherever you may live.
  • PFC04: Activist Groups in New Hampshire Panel: Recently the Free State Project (FSP) reached a much-celebrated milestone of 1,000 movers. While this is good news, the premise, and indeed the success of the FSP lies not with the number of movers but with quality. William Kostric moderates a panel of active NH-based activists representing various groups to encourage audience members’ to pitch in and discuss where their skills will do the most good. Participants include: Kate Muller (NH Chapter of Second Amendment Sisters (SAS); Amanda Bouldin (Shire Sharing); Jody Underwood (Bardo Project); Mike Finger (Society of Libertarian Entrepreneurs (SOLE)); Ryan (Occupy NH); Nick Ford (Alliance of the Libertarian Left of New England (ALLoNE)), also representing AltExpo; and Dan Garthwaite (NH Liberty Alliance).
  • PFC03: A Mighty Oak Falls: Development and Decline of the Legal System. Activist Chris Lawless introduces Attorney Steven Howard who gives the first of three lectures on the legal system. A Mighty Oak Falls: Development and Decline of the Legal System, the first lecture in the series, focuses on the growth, development and decline of our legal system from the beginnings of the Common Law to the modern era of Codification. Howard reviews the evolving nature of the law and discusses how it went from its organic and localized nature that served a community to the dysfunctional and alien entity of today. Other lectures in this series: Out on a Limb: A Practitioner’s Critique of the Current Practices in Law, and Pruning the Oak: Reforms to Return to a Workable System.
  • PFC02: How to Interact with the Police: The most common interaction with the face of government happens when individuals interact with law enforcement officers. Due to tens of thousands of law prohibiting various forms of victimless conduct, these interactions with police can be both stressful and dangerous. Ian Freeman introduces Former NH law enforcement officer and Law Enforcement Against Prohibition (LEAP) member Bradley Jardis, who talks about interacting with the police and takes audience questions. Discussed: what are your rights, what can the police lawfully do if you decide to flex your rights and how you should act during a motor vehicle stop.
  • PFC01: An Activist’s World Panel: Mark Edge introduces Pete Eyre, Carla Gericke and Ian Freeman for a discussion about effective activism in New Hampshire. Pete Eyre spent four years in DC’s think tank world, then became active with Motor Home Diaries, Liberty on Tour, Cop Block and  Free Keane. Carla Gericke is president of the Free State Project. Ian Freeman is one of the hosts of Free Talk Live.

The opinions expressed in the Porcfest Chronicles do not necessarily represent those of
PorcFest, the Free State Project, Think Twice Productions, Starfall Media,
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