Snakebites 231: Everything is Orange

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00:28 – Catching up.
01:36 – John has a tiny hissy.
08:06 – Bill to exit the UN.
11:02 – Trump’s federal hiring freeze.
17:04 – Two hundred million for Palestinians.
18:44 – ABC news are lying liars who lie a lot.
22:51 – Rand Paul and his answer to Obamacare.
26:07 – Trump does some more stuff with the National Security Council.
29:41 – California has a sad with the Federal Gooberment. Wants to stop giving it money because when the Left becomes tax resistors it’s okay.
32:43 – More goddamned Trump. Immigration suspensions.
36:37 – Amish guy terrorized for being a snake oil salesman.
41:42 – We talk about Scientology for a bit. It’s funny.
47:50 – John and Mel are Quitting the D&D group.
48:21 – Not all Director’s cuts are the same: Exorcist III. We talk about Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond. Some 80’s gore film and practical effects talk.

Show Notes

Don’t forget to submit your story for “Free Market Show & Tell” (new name, same idea).  Send either Mel or John your Free Market success stories, using your name, a code name, or remain anonymous. We’ll include it on an upcoming episode! Share deals, too, including discount codes.


Snakebites 209: No Stranger Things in the Sky

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00:28 – Mel’s birthday aftermath.
07:24 – Louisiana is under water.
09:07 – Wisconsin rioting and looting.
13:32 – Illinois driver education will now be propagandizing younng people about obeying police.
15:54 – Ebook sales dropping again. Market forces discussion.
35:37 – John reviews No Man’s Sky.
49:14 – John and Mel review Stranger Things. Spoiler free.

Snakebites 176: Brown Tuesday

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00:28 – Brown Tuesday
03:42 – John calls Scott out on his Muppet bullsh*t.
12:01 – Mayor of Chicago sh*tcans head cop over video of cops murdering a child.
14:27 – Lefties ban yoga because white people doing interesting things from other cultures is bad.
18:42 – Man in South Africa raped. Story played for comedy.
20:53 – Pot growers in Oregon donate food for poor people. They
get turned down by the gooberment.
22:50 – Colorado jury nullification for cannabis smoking drivers.
24:38 – Horrible teacher bans boys from playing with Lego and forces girls to.
27:33 – Zombie baby Jesus nativity. The obvious happens.
29:59 – The “Adorable” drug kingpin.
33:33 – Hookers are cheap in Greece right now. Price of a cheese sammich cheap. And they’re Greek so…
36:48 – A short digression about Black Friday
42:29 – MST3K Kickstarter Part 2

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Snakebites 175: The Turkening

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00:28 – Week in review. John announces that he refuses to talk about the weather and then spends quite a while talking about the weather.
13:58 – Assraping cop goes to jail. Assrape victim gets some money.
15:56 – Cop shoots another cop. Nobody knows what to deny.
17:29 – Obamacare humor.
20:23 – Hillary Clinton’s campaign people are butthurt because they have no sense of humor.
27:39 – Undercover police mislead and spy on women by dating them for years on end.
36:13 – Digression about the new season of South Park, SJW’s are demanding that news media swear they support their agenda before coming onto campuses.
46:40 – Millennials hate free speech. More.
52:58 – The Golden Apple Corps Strikes D.C. SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN
51:41 – Be afraid, there is a new drug that isn’t in any way new but they’re calling it something different so BE AFRAID.
57:32 – Dude puts up petition to ban suicide bomber belts and vests.
58:39 – Nigerian pastor tries to walk on water. Fails. Dies.
1:01:45 – Mel made mead – The Bottling
1:24:46 – John remembers to mention a holiday for once. Turkey Day!
1:37:40 – MST3k Turkey Day and the MST3k Kickstarter. Scott hates on the new Muppet Show

Snakebites 155: Empty Graves

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00:28 – A weak week in review. Plumbers suck.
18:03 – China stock market talk. John toots his own horn.
21:10 – SF minimum wage officially went up 14%. Restaraunt prices officially went up 14%. Well, no shit. Scott’s son makes more than him at his first job.
23:44 – Greeks want Germany to pay their debts because World War II. Bitcoin jumps up. John’s trust levels are diminishing.
30:04 – Fifty two thousand rounds of ammunition for the Hoover Dam? Vague Jade Helm 15 talk.
36:07 – Cop threatens to break 14 year old boy’s neck, call his language “A technique, verbal judo.”
38:42 – Now they’re proposing digging up dead confederates.
42:09 – Masshole drug lab chemist lies. 40,000 lab results over ten years are now dirty and thousands of people sent to prison unjustly. She calls it a “Screw up”
46:28 – Michigan judge is a really really horrible person.
52:07 – Asshole cop does a hit and run, decapitating a guy. Claims he didn’t notice hitting a person with his car.
55:23 – 3d printed guns again. Goobers looking for a new wrinkle in the law to try a ban.
1:01:15 – The hour of geek power. The gang reacts to John’s favorite three Comicon thingies. Batman V Superman, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Star Wars.

Snakebites 145: Spring Cleaning

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00:28 – NYPD busted a basketball player’s leg. Maybe they were betting on another team? Cops lie.
06:23 – Cops kick the ever living shit out of a guy in the desert on live TV while a news reporter tries desperately to spin. It’s a rich and delicious horror/comedy blend. Cops and maximum IQ requirements.
11:27 – NYPD raid homes without warrants. Totally disgusting but *Shrug*.
14:09 – MC cop shoots a guy in the back eight times, plants a taser near the corpse as evidence that there was a struggle over the taser, claims he tried CPR. There was video. He was lying about everything but the shooting someone in the back.
22:36 – Cleveland cop stands on hood of car and fires fifteen rounds through windshield. Doesn’t remember doing it.
24:48 – Hillary Clinton. Rand Paul. Jeb Bush, and other punchlines. Vague hatred for politics.
41:25 – Spring cleaning at the Shaw abode.
56:13 – John and Mel’s Adventures at a preparedness expo.
1:07:28 – Daredevil TV show. Scott chimes in.
1:13:39 – Back to some serious 3d printing love. 3d printed food, 3d printer shopping talk, John basically jacks off about 3d printing.