Snakebites 231: Everything is Orange

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00:28 – Catching up.
01:36 – John has a tiny hissy.
08:06 – Bill to exit the UN.
11:02 – Trump’s federal hiring freeze.
17:04 – Two hundred million for Palestinians.
18:44 – ABC news are lying liars who lie a lot.
22:51 – Rand Paul and his answer to Obamacare.
26:07 – Trump does some more stuff with the National Security Council.
29:41 – California has a sad with the Federal Gooberment. Wants to stop giving it money because when the Left becomes tax resistors it’s okay.
32:43 – More goddamned Trump. Immigration suspensions.
36:37 – Amish guy terrorized for being a snake oil salesman.
41:42 – We talk about Scientology for a bit. It’s funny.
47:50 – John and Mel are Quitting the D&D group.
48:21 – Not all Director’s cuts are the same: Exorcist III. We talk about Stuart Gordon’s From Beyond. Some 80’s gore film and practical effects talk.

Show Notes

Don’t forget to submit your story for “Free Market Show & Tell” (new name, same idea).  Send either Mel or John your Free Market success stories, using your name, a code name, or remain anonymous. We’ll include it on an upcoming episode! Share deals, too, including discount codes.


Snakebites 209: No Stranger Things in the Sky

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00:28 – Mel’s birthday aftermath.
07:24 – Louisiana is under water.
09:07 – Wisconsin rioting and looting.
13:32 – Illinois driver education will now be propagandizing younng people about obeying police.
15:54 – Ebook sales dropping again. Market forces discussion.
35:37 – John reviews No Man’s Sky.
49:14 – John and Mel review Stranger Things. Spoiler free.

Snakebites 208: Cherry Popping

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00:28 – Mel’s birthday weekend and celebrating her first year of authenticity. Catching up.
14:23 – Fuck the Olympics.
16:56 – Retarded Police Lt. – “Cops have ‘accidental’ firearms discharges all the time, it’s cool.”
21:30 – Cherry Popping regulations.
30:31 – Gadsden flag under attack.
40:47 – No Man’s Sky coming out this week. John is geeking out.
45:10 – John’s Rimworld review.
49:36 – John and Mel review Suicide Squad.

Snakebites 197: Justice in 2016

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00:28 – The Week in Review
20:54 – Venezuela of the week. People snatching up cats, dogs, and any other animals they can find to eat. Business owners who can’t keep their factories running without raw materials being arrested.
27:53 – Wendy’s officially going over to touchscreen kiosks by the end of this year.
32:35 – Government has been lying about climate change. Judge gets mad about it.
38:21 – Arkansas judge caught spanking defendants with a paddle and taking THOUSANDS of pictures.
41:15 – A whole lot of cops in California had sex with a 16 year old girl. A WHOLE LOT.
44:53 – Hidden microphones everywhere.
47:54 – Swedish Muslims raping everyone up in here.
54:25 – Melissa’s Alas, Babylon review.
1:07:21 – Doom (2016) review.

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Snakebites 144: So Now We Have to Listen to Her

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00:28 – Easter Snakebites Yay!!! Religious stuff. Indiana nonsense. The California water comedy show.
20:04 – A list of all the mass shooters in the last twenty years and the prescription drugs they were taking. Psych meds are fail and why therapy is better.
35:40 – Rapecop who is full of rape for cuffed teenage girls is now also bulletcop with a neck full of bullet.
37:50 – Reeducation camps for all police who hang with Snoopy Dogdog.
39:18 – Democrats wanting to ban books again. Guess who? Feinstein. Because c*nt. Smoking banana peels.
45:21 – The continuing adventures of Mel’s reciprocity thang. More CBT talk.
1:02:08 – Melissa hates The Fountainhead.
1:19:50 – Drunk History is pretty good. Buckaroo Banzai is better than Jesus.