mel-Dec2015Mel Shaw: Cohost, Web Master, Crafter & Smartass.

Most of Mel’s involvement at ThinkTwice Productions is behind-the scenes: she manages the site content and podcast feeds and other stuff like that. She is also a regular participant on the Snakebites podcast and the co-host of the Tales of Terror: Cinematic Vivisections podcast.

Mel likes learning new things. She makes candles, lip & tattoo balms, mead and whatever else seems interesting or might come in handy during the looming zombie apocalypse. She plays video games, as long as they aren’t first-person shooters (or too scary), and has her own (role-playing) dice bag. Other interests include: letter-writing, stamp collecting (to use on letters), reading zombie lit, knitting, watching movies, and minding her own business, a skill she thinks everyone should work harder on.

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