john-shaw-feb2013John Shaw: Writing, Directing, Editing, Composing, 400 pound guerrilla filmmaker and all around “Doin’ Stuff” guy.

John started making movies at the age of ten with his grandfather’s VHS camcorder and two VCR’s. The editing sucked. He then moved on to 8mm and 16mm film while in high school and may have, in fact, spilled quite a bit of glue around the joint. He made dozens of short and long subject animated films and a goodly number of documentaries that he’s ashamed to show to the world now.

He studied film “formally” from the age of sixteen, through college. Informally, he started reading books on the subject while actually doing the work long before.

John describes his film making style as “The Kitchen Sink Method”, using whatever medium, style, and effect necessary to convey the story he wants to tell. Anarchic, as fast paced as his budget allows, and always with a wink to the audience, his unusual style of film making shakes the very pillars of creation with wit, wisdom, and a deep and abiding regard for good taste and classy presentation.*

Chartarum is his second feature length fiction film.

His upcoming Think Twice Productions projects are a science fiction film about internet trolls, a blaxploitation film, a couple reclusive authors-come-superheroes-and-destroy-giant-monsters film, and maybe some torture porn horror if he can fit that in.

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*John Shaw writes his own copy.