Guest Cohorts, er…Co-hosts

Friends occasionally drop by and hang out while we record. Here is their info. Someday, their episodes will be linked, too.

Scott • Brandie • JulieMikeSarah

Scott: Long-term co-host. Scott never provided a bio. He participated in many episodes from number one through 202.
Scott’s Episodes

brandie-fBrandie: Writer, Poet, Model, Production Assistant, Hockey Mum, Pagan, Life-long student. She is also a photographer and likes to capture moments and finds it highly enjoyable to “shoot” people, wildlife and mother nature with her camera. She enjoys a good role-playing session be it D and D, Pathfinder or whatever system she is picking up. She owns more dice and role playing books than you do. An avid reader, Brandie loves books. She has eleven book shelves overflowing with books, about half of which she’s read. Her favorite genres are: romance, horror, science fiction, fantasy, writing and photography.
Brandie’s episodes

Julie (coming soon)
Julie’s episodes

michaelMike: Maintains a position at a large evil corporation. All around roustabout who likes guns, comedy and all sorts of Libertarian-themed subjects of discussion. Favorite quote: “Never rub another mans rhubarb…unless you’re getting paid well for it.” Fun guy, most of the time.

wonderwomanSarah: Is a partially old soul, with a love of black and white movies and an early obsession with Alfred Hitchcock (with a huge thanks to Mel, who also happens to be her “god” mum (yeah, it’s okay to be jealous about that)). She has a deep love for pit bulls & hates breed discrimination. Sarah enjoys photography, capturing people, animals, nature, abandoned things & places, finding beauty in their disaster. Writing poetry/stories is a release for her. She loves being outside, four-wheeling, bonfires, camping, and playing with her three pit bulls, but also really enjoys being curled up with a good book. Oh and Wonder Woman is her Best Friend!!!