Snakebites 218: Scary Times

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00:28 – Catching up. Adventures in the marketplace: Furniture shopping edition.
15:15 – Government Free Spain.
16:50 – Cops are allowed to be kid fuckers in Ohio now sorta.
20:03 – Assange disconnected from the internet by Ecuadorian government due to pressure from US government people wh are upset that facts are making Hillary Clinton look exactly like what she is.
26:42 – Detroit police are corrupt again. Just, you know, FYI.
28:17 – Father rapes 12 year old daughter. Gets sixty days.
30:26 – Anti-gun person steals concealed carrier’s gun and shoots him with it to teach him that guns are bad.
33:11 – A story about a 911 Operator that needs to be shot out of a cannon through a mile of razor wire and lemons.
39:55 – Mel and John see The Shining in a theater. Halloween talk.

Show Notes


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