Snakebites 217: Large Portions

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00:28 – Leaving Verizon, Project FI loving. Also FUCK Verizon. A bunch of 3d printed love.
16:01 – Cronengiger update. Some free market talk.
24:09 – A Venezuela story. Prisoners are starving to death.
26:10 – Cops in Chicago don’t get in trouble for being assholes. What else is new.
29:59 – Obama wants government control of media.
33:26 – Judge throws out court case suing Remington for Sandy Hook. Good.
36:46 – People are buying a whole lot of guns in California. People immediately get around the laws.
42:53 – Youth pastor impregnates 15 year old girl.
47:16 – 7% Man tax in NYC Pharmacy. Because fuck men.
54:00 – Shin Godzilla review.

Show Notes



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