Snakebites 216: They’re Already Here

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00:28 – Catching up a tiny bit.
01:28 – US and Russia Cut diplomatic ties for show.
03:21 – Army Chief of Staff shit talked about Russia for a while. Raised the issue of precious bodily fluids.
06:45 – Father arrested for child porn and put on sex offender list for trying to make police do something about the child porn he was complaining about.
11:47 – Nine shot, one killed in strip mall shooting. At four AM. At a party. At a strip mall. In Grand Rapids Michigan. WHUT.
13:04 – Comcast accused of censorship by refusing to run ads calling for Comcast to be taxed more. John is put into the uncomfortable position of having to defend Comcast.
16:42 – Another election thing. Feel free to skip. (Pussy grabbing here)
21:58 – Flint Michigan now covered in locusts, sores, and liquid shit because no one wants to bathe in poison water.
26:51 – We talk about the weather.
28:53 – After years of people requesting that someone send the clowns in, we find that yes, they are already here.
33:39 – The Badonkadonk…Bababooey…Babadook. John and Mel on seeing Young Frankenstein in a movie theater, The upcoming viewing of Shin Godzilla.

Show Notes


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