Snakebites 215: Cronengiger!

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Show Notes

00:28 – A whole lot of new places that you can listen to Snakebites!
05:08 – John and Mel talk a little bit about the first debate, but lose interest.
10:11 – California police have lots over three hundred guns recently.
12:27 – Texas lawyer goes apeshit, puts a Nazi uniform on, and starts shooting at people. John can’t keep a straight face even though he’s horrified.
15:36 – U of M implements a “Choose your own pronoun” policy. Is immediately trolled. Comedy platinum ensues.
20:22 – Veteran’s Hospital leaving dead vets to rot in the morgue for months on end. John has a nasty rant about the military.
26:24 – The Cronengiger Project. 3d Printing love again.
42:11 – It’s Halloween time again! Ghost story fun and John and Mel discuss the artistry that is Son of Blob, AKA Beware The Blob.

Show Notes


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