Snakebites 214: Balancing Forces

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Show Notes

00:28 – Hellos.
01:40 – Cascade Mall shooting. The Ruger 10/22 is now a scary gun?
08:23 – Eight people shot in Baltimore, including a three year old.
09:43 – John and Mel aren’t talking about the debates. I mean we are, but not really.
17:26 – The water at John’s old High School is brown. I made the news because the girl who made it public was suspended for telling people.
23:50 – They stuffed stem cells into a quadriplegic guy’s spine and his upper half started working again AKA holy shit.
29:52 – Georgia home invasion video of woman capping the shit out of three assholes.
41:59 – Personal gun fun. Adventures in cell phone savings (Mel is so excited to kick Verizon to the curb). A little prepping.

Show Notes

  • Enchroma: glasses for the color blind. The videos make Mel cry.
  • Project Fi: alternative cell service that John & Mel are trying. Can’t be worse than what they have now.

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