Snakebites 211: Scrub

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Show Notes

00:28 – Catching up. Why there was no show last week.
12:19 – People who use medical cannabis can be denied gun rights according to the 9th district court of appeals. The horrors of back door bans.
17:18 – Gooberment bans antibacterial soap because reasons.
19:57 – Homeland security expresses desire to take over the election process. Claims that it is “Infrastructure” like MUH ROADS.
23:02 – Cop shoots himself in the foot because he’s an irresponsible asshole. He sues GLOCK.
27:16 – ATF reclassifies and then sorta immediately delays reclassification of wetted nitrocellulose because huge levels of retardation.
30:18 – 16 months in a row of record guns sales.
33:29 – YouTube pulling monetization from any video that is in any way cool.
43:10 – Melissa reviews the Can Can Concealment holster belt thingy.

Show Notes


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