Snakebites 200: TWO HUNDRED

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Snakebites #200! John’s Birthday.
05:08 – Pulse Shooting. Religion just plain needs to go.
15:24 – Waitress attacked for serving alcohol during Ramadan.
18:19 – Campaign shit. Fuck the left.
22:28 – Bitcoin is still collapsing as it soars to 650 and 700.
23:51 – Cops pretending to be homeless to ticket drivers.
30:11 – Cops manages to shoot four innocent bystanders while defending herself against one knife wielding maniac who wasn’t attacking anyone yet.
33:55 – The three levels of discourse, and John’s dissatisfaction with the level Snakebites is at.
41:05 – Warcraft review.


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