Snakebites 199: The Peacefulness of Progress

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Snakebites Index

00:29 – Week in review, Scott fucks up his Uber car. john Fucks up his back.
15:45 – Switzerland doesn’t want basic income. AT ALL.
17:59 – Trump supporters violently attacked by peace loving leftist hippies.
23:55 – Venezuela of the week Part I. Police tear gassing hungry people who want food.
25:22 – 33 cities cheat their water supply lead testing results. Why politicians lie about lead in the water.
29:07 – Venezuela of the week Part II. Eggs are $150 a dozen, inflation between 720 and 1200%.
34:15 – UC Irvine Republicans handing out pacifiers for safe space protests against Milo Y.
38:01 – Katie Couric sucks. Gun doc used manipulative editing to make gun owners look stupid. John rants about Christian sex all of the sudden


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