Snakebites 197: Justice in 2016

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Show Notes

00:28 – The Week in Review
20:54 – Venezuela of the week. People snatching up cats, dogs, and any other animals they can find to eat. Business owners who can’t keep their factories running without raw materials being arrested.
27:53 – Wendy’s officially going over to touchscreen kiosks by the end of this year.
32:35 – Government has been lying about climate change. Judge gets mad about it.
38:21 – Arkansas judge caught spanking defendants with a paddle and taking THOUSANDS of pictures.
41:15 – A whole lot of cops in California had sex with a 16 year old girl. A WHOLE LOT.
44:53 – Hidden microphones everywhere.
47:54 – Swedish Muslims raping everyone up in here.
54:25 – Melissa’s Alas, Babylon review.
1:07:21 – Doom (2016) review.

Show Notes



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