Snakebites 196: A Barren Land

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Catching up. Mel prepping for new job. Scott Ubering swimmingly. John the Blacksmith?
09:20 – Women in the draft? John gets all rational about the sexes. Some will be sad.
20:41 – Venezuela of the week. Four stories tall. Clock changes, labor changes, can’t afford to even print money, minimum wage increase.
33:37 – Denmark hates beef. TAX IT.
43:38 – Spanking is very very bad. Huge study over 50 years and with 150,000 children says so.
1:01:29 – 8th grader in trouble for having a two dollar bill. Wait. 8th grader in trouble because people are morons.
1:05:48 – School Teacher shows students Human Centipede 2 because government schools are the foundation of a good education.

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