Snakebites 195: Bribe All of the Things

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Show Notes

00:28 – Lots of catching up. Scott and his new adventures in health and independence. Melissa in her new adventures in employment. John and Mel’s anniversary.
31:31 – NYPD taking bribes to expedite and guarantee pistol license approvals.
34:15 – Cops are still killing unarmed people, but you probably aren’t hearing about it anymore. Over 20 this year so far. Light touching on the Panama papers.
36:21 – 3500 gallons of nuclear waste spilling all over the f*ckin’ place in Washington state.
41:28 – United Healthcare dropping Obamacare.
43:46 – 80% of Americans fed up wit the united states federal government.
44:58 – Cops act like complete imbeciles with a gun. John has a goddamned fit about gun safety.
49:53 – Venezuela doing power blackouts to conserve energy because socialist hellhole.
52:17 – Rabbis say that cannabis is kosher enough for Passover, so smoke up Moses, and spread that lamb’s blood.
53:57 – The Whole Foods gaycake story. Gaycake talk.
1:07:46 – The longest movie ever. John hates on artsy f*ckers but defends their right to be f*ckin’ artsy.

Show Notes


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