Snakebites 194: Masturbation Demons and Radioactive Pigs

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Show Notes

00:28 – Catching up. Pepper woes.
08:57 – Earthquakes hit Ecuador and Japan.
10:13 – Repeating history: Home loans edition.
23:28 – NY and VT banning state funded travel to Mississippi because of gaycakes. Gaycakes talk.
31:13 – NY banning machetes.
32:56 – The gun industry makes a lot of money and generates a lot of tax revenue.
34:39 – Texas government attacks Texas government for being assholes about guns.
36:40 – Manchild has menstrual cramps. Is delusional.
41:16 – Late to the party but John needed to cover it anyhow. RADIOACTIVE BOARS ATTACK JAPAN.
46:15 – Study sez studies are bullshit.
53:01 – Female masturbation is pure evil says some idiot. hilarity. Lots of religion mockery. Christian people ruined the Chinese buffet.

Show Notes


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