Snakebites 193: America the Beautiful

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Show Notes

00:28 – The week in review. More wine, peppers, and site updates.
24:09 – John talks about the televised Libertarian Party Debate and related libertarian crap.
29:37 – Detroit School System is a Sh*thole Volume MCXIIVI: Twelve
Principals, an Admin and a Vendor all charged with stealing millions for school supplies.
33:14 – 71 year old teacher kicks the everliving sh*t out of a four year old special needs child.
37:15 – Apparently the Ruskies are a scary threat and the US needs border blockades because it’s f*cking 1983 again.
44:22 – Cops finger a man’s butthole at the side of the road.
46:50 – Bernie Sanders left off of D.C. Ballots. “By accident.”
50:51 – John wanted to make fun of bad Christian media. So he makes fun of all Christian media.

Show Notes


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