Snakebites 192: Rabbit Holes

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Easter talk.
06:50 – Belgium bombing.
13:08 – CIA armed terrorists are fighting Pentagon armed terrorists in Syria.
15:03 – Yoga in schools is controversial they tell us.
19:14 – Cop runs teacher over at crosswalk. It’s the teacher’s fault because HE KNEW THE F*CKING RISK.
22:36 – Family of burglar angry that he was shot. Sh*tty parents churning out a-hole children.
33:17 – Gun control in NY leads to 20% increase in stabbings.
34:36 – Boaty McBoatface 4 Lyfe.
36:18 – A 12 year old girl pinches a 12 year old boy’s butt. World ends.
42:27 – Dash the terrorist dog.
44:07 – College professor has hissy fit over ROTC drills. Calls 911. Promises to call 911 again.
47:07 – Batman v Superman sorta review. Comic book movie talk.


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