Snakebites 191: Meat Mountain

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – FSP, FTL, LRN, FK, and other acronyms have all turned into a pile of horrible shitstorm. Ian Bernard raided by the FBI.
23:57 – John Hates the Media some more.
32:00 – The men with the keys to launch all the nukes are gacked up on coke and ecstasy.
35:57 – Attorney Genital Lynch sez she doesn’t have to prosecute Hillary Clinton if she doesn’t want to.
40:05 – The Obamacare coops are a hilarious mess and aren’t earning anything.
41:13 – Little boy mispronounces word and has to go to terrorist reeducation.
44:34 – 2.2 billion dollar government funded solar array turns out to suck.
50:01 – Automated Carl’s Jr. 4 Lyfe.
57:48 – Cop accidentally shoot another cop.
59:36 – Cop uses mace on the entire road.
1:04:02 – Batman v Superman geekery. Some 10 Cloverfield Lane love.


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