Snakebites 190: Welcome to the Sh*tshow

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Workouts and catching up.
11:18 – Peeple is back. It still sucks.
16:08 – Moot from 4chan is now working on Google Plus to make it good.
18:18 – Three dudes try to rob a couple in a car. One gets shot. Good.
20:25 – Cannabis legalization hurting drug lords. No sh*t.
24:11 – Israeli guy gets stabbed in the neck by a Palestinian, yanks knife out of his neck and kills the fuck out of him with it.
26:45 – Trump story #1 – Trump brand swag for sale during Trump brand press conference.
30:48 – Guns drawn over Trump campaign sign.
34:07 – FBI program to make public schools report children who are anti-government and anarchists.
40:22 – 10 Cloverfield Lane talk. No spoilers.


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