Snakebites 189: Relax, It Not That Bad

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – The Great Pepper Caper
07:32 – Nancy Reagan died.
10:32 – People died. Nobody cares.
13:54 – Feds wanna be parents, too.
19:35 – Someone finds ammo. SHUT IT ALL DOWN.
25:10 – Student loans are 37% of the government’s assets.
34:11 – Gun manufacturers are doing well. Thanks Obama.
42:07 – Rapist gets six months and can come and go as he pleases from jail so long as he serves his six months in one year. Guess what he did for a living.
45:06 – The Bernie Sanders Tax Plan
52:12 – Homeless man owes a hundred grand for being homeless.
58:31 – Concealed carry happens in West Virginia.
1:01:10 – North Korea makes threats again, during its biannual threat event.
1:05:18 – John Praises Stardew Valley


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