Snakebites 188: F*ck You, I Won’t Do What You Tell Me

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00:28 – Catching up. Growing plants. Hot peppers galore.
13:53 – Riots in Salt Lake City over police shooting teen with a broomstick.
17:19 – Venezuela raising gas prices 6000%. SIX THOUSAND PERCENT.
20:42 – “We Need Some Muscle” lady from Missouri University got fired. And there was much rejoicing.
24:06 – Detroit finds an extra 51 million dollars lying around from 1987.
29:28 – Hillary Clinton – Not very bright, or assumes that you aren’t. Probably both.
36:50 – California goober trying to get every gun purchase recorded on video by law.
40:49 – Tiny houses are pretty awesome. But not in LA. Government starts seizing and destroying nice little tiny houses for the homeless.
47:27 – Oregon really doesn’t like hookers. Or exchanges of value. Or exchanges of unapproved sex. Or sex.
50:02 – The Oscars. Don’t worry we dis ’em.


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