Snakebites 186: All the Worst Things

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Oregon BLM battle coming to a close. Clive Bundy flies out to support the protesters and gets nabbed and thrown into a cage.
11:23 – Michigan bill for universal concealed carry without a permit.
13:36 – Flint police using destructive lead poisoning fiasco to arrest people.
16:30 – Tindr whores whoring for Bernie Sanders.
18:37 – Biker and tattoo artist burns police car after warning police to move their car from the front of his store or he’d burn their police car.
19:49 – Bernie Sanders had his delegates redistributed.
27:23 – EPA needs billions to clean up their own messes.
29:24 – Deadpool anticipation. Another gun show weekend for Mel and John.

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