Snakebites 185: Watching Paint Dry

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Adventures in Spending: Gun Store Edition
18:49 – A ten hour film about paint drying and the ratings board that is being forced to watch it.
20:44 – Moregon. Protester got shot. Bundy’s arrested, a few people still holding the fort.
27:50 – Americans hate the government more than ever, says a poll.
31:54 – Cops who shot up little old ladies while chasing Christopher Dorner will not be charged.
34:34 – Masshole town demands 1000 word essay and $1100 fee to file for a concealed carry permit.
39:31 – Venezuela still collapsing.
42:30 – Rapist cop that got 263 years deleted from prison database.
44:07 – 80% of Chicago police dash cams are missing audio for some reason that isn’t a problem with the cameras.
45:08 – Facebook bans talk of private gun sales on both Facebook and Instagram.
49:42 – We hate on third wave feminism for a while.

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