Snakebites 184: Shoulder Things

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – The Further Adventures of AK Pattern and Tito.
08:55 – Mel and John go to the gun show.
30:07 – Birth place of the Bill of Rights partially demolished because of government stupidity. John laughs.
33:05 – Midwest EPA head quits over Flint Michigan lead poisoning. Michigan governor really sorry about the whole thing.
40:16 – Almost all of the schools in Detroit closed because teachers called in “sick”. Government school ranting.
49:12 – Danish government making pork an official municipal foodstuff. Muslim refugees aren’t happy.
53:29 – Rapist cop gets 263 years in prison. Good.
58:19 – FBI runs a kiddie porn site for a while. John vomits. We discuss the horror of sicko pedophiles in a free society. We wrap up with begging for sponsors.

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