Snakebites 182: “Common Sense Gun Legislation”

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Prepping fun time! Some SHTF gun talk and expressions of preference.
17:09 – Los Angeles has gas.
18:43 – New York and a really stupid ammunition bill.
23:33 – Hickok45, a gun enthusiast youtube channel was attacked by SJWs and shut down. back up again now.
26:09 – Army CID asshole pulls dick out in restaurant, then pulls out his gun.
28:12 – Kentucky bill to say no to Fed gun laws.
29:26 – Man in Vermont crushes half of police car fleet with tractor because of cannabis charges and comedy.
31:12 – Washington state county bill permits year police inspections of guns.
34:02 – Bernie Sanders ice cream from Ben and Jerry’s? Eagerly awaiting samples and/or the snopes link.

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