Snakebites 179: Big T*ttied F*ckbots

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Show Notes

00:28 – Ho ho ho!
14:40 – Possible format changes again.
18:42 – Anti-child-rape cop kills himself when investigated for child porn. Because police.
21:09 – All the fish in a lake are destroyed so that people don’t fish for fish there.
22:35 – Stormtroopers at White House press conference.
25:25 – FIJA wins in court, in Colorado.
26:56 – Iowa sheriff shoots himself in the hand while cleaning his gun. Because police.
30:06 – Robot girl worried about people humpin’ robots. Gets piles of government money to live on and study robot humpin’ with.
35:41 – Government green initiative thought it was a good idea to dump a couple million old tires into the ocean, to protect the environment. Guess what?
39:09 – Cop gets HIV and spreads it for seven years, goes to sex parties. Brags. Because police.
41:34 – Drone fees. You have to pay the gooberment to have a toy plane now. John bitches about the trillion dollar budget.
45:29 – Late to the party Star Wars love.
1:01:02 – John and Mel saw Krampus. It was also good. Check it out.

Show Notes


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