Snakebites 176: Brown Tuesday

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Show Notes

00:28 – Brown Tuesday
03:42 – John calls Scott out on his Muppet bullsh*t.
12:01 – Mayor of Chicago sh*tcans head cop over video of cops murdering a child.
14:27 – Lefties ban yoga because white people doing interesting things from other cultures is bad.
18:42 – Man in South Africa raped. Story played for comedy.
20:53 – Pot growers in Oregon donate food for poor people. They
get turned down by the gooberment.
22:50 – Colorado jury nullification for cannabis smoking drivers.
24:38 – Horrible teacher bans boys from playing with Lego and forces girls to.
27:33 – Zombie baby Jesus nativity. The obvious happens.
29:59 – The “Adorable” drug kingpin.
33:33 – Hookers are cheap in Greece right now. Price of a cheese sammich cheap. And they’re Greek so…
36:48 – A short digression about Black Friday
42:29 – MST3K Kickstarter Part 2

Show Notes


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