Snakebites 175: The Turkening

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Week in review. John announces that he refuses to talk about the weather and then spends quite a while talking about the weather.
13:58 – Assraping cop goes to jail. Assrape victim gets some money.
15:56 – Cop shoots another cop. Nobody knows what to deny.
17:29 – Obamacare humor.
20:23 – Hillary Clinton’s campaign people are butthurt because they have no sense of humor.
27:39 – Undercover police mislead and spy on women by dating them for years on end.
36:13 – Digression about the new season of South Park, SJW’s are demanding that news media swear they support their agenda before coming onto campuses.
46:40 – Millennials hate free speech. More.
52:58 – The Golden Apple Corps Strikes D.C. SHUT EVERYTHING DOWN
51:41 – Be afraid, there is a new drug that isn’t in any way new but they’re calling it something different so BE AFRAID.
57:32 – Dude puts up petition to ban suicide bomber belts and vests.
58:39 – Nigerian pastor tries to walk on water. Fails. Dies.
1:01:45 – Mel made mead – The Bottling
1:24:46 – John remembers to mention a holiday for once. Turkey Day!
1:37:40 – MST3k Turkey Day and the MST3k Kickstarter. Scott hates on the new Muppet Show


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