Snakebites 173: The Fallout Over Peanuts

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – Some possible format changes.
06:48 – DOD preparing for civil unrest.
15:02 – A national debt story.
16:43 – Some Bernie Sanders.
23:31 – Rancher called out by police to take care of an injured bull. He shows up and they shoot him.
27:26 – Microscopic hair analysis in forensics turns out to be total bullshit. At least 14 people dead as a result.
31:43 – Tarantino says cops shouldn’t be assholes anymore. The head of all cops everywhere starts acting like an asshole when he hears about it.
33:49 – Melissa coming out of the atheist closet to her family.
48:08 – The Peanuts Movie was good.
52:41 – Fallout 4 love. Stay off the internet to avoid spoilers for just about everything.


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