And Now for This Important Message from Think Twice News

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America freedom liberty. Pursuit of happiness freedom liberty freedom America. America America founding fathers something something 1776. Fourth of July nine eleven freedom. Greatest country in the world America Freedom fries minimum wage. Fat cats freedom first amendment freedom. Our troops our boys America Freedom. fnord Liberty freedom America sleep. Shining City on the Hill America Freedom my country right or wrong. fnord Chosen by a higher power liberty freedom indivisible with liberty and justice for all.

Freedom justice liberty ATF raids humility soldiers. fnord Just society abortion first amendment liberty freedom America. fnord Stand with Rand Trump Cruz freedom fnord liberty if you don’t like it fnord you can get out.

Traditional American values Hobby Lobby Whole Foods Planned Parenthood. Jesus Marx Jefferson America Freedom Minimum Wage free speech The Poor nine eleven Social Justice fnord.

Fireworks apple pie freedom liberty America barbecue flags. Budget debt federal reserve economy freedom America. Mommy Daddy fnord spanking circumcision black helicopters FBI America terrorism nine eleven.

Incest rape culture family abortion second amendment freedom. fnord A chicken in every pot who will build the roads the state of the union is good healthcare. Pentagon pentagram jet fuel steel bars reptilian bilderberg freedom America liberty Adam fnord Weishaupt.

Itty bitty boat Habeeb it the power of Christ compels you freedom of expression minimum wage slaves Bernie Sanders your vote counts. Working within the system freedom liberty a pale horse.

Liberty freedom America freedom liberty freedom everything is awesome fnord Dow Jones Amen.


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