Snakebites 160: Tattoos & High Blood Pressure

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00:28 – On Tattoos and High Blood Pressure and Emergency Rooms.
16:52 – Monkey slaps cop. Cop doesn’t kill anyone.
17:38 – Venezuela extravaganza of DOOOOOooooom.
22:22 – Begun, the Drone Wars Has.
25:17 – Guy who decided to pay all of his employees seventy grand is having business troubles. No shit.
28:48 – Microsoft throws a pile of cash at Uber.
29:50 – Everything you need to know about GOP debates.
31:05 – The idea of book banning is getting more popular. Satan’s Statue. OF DOOOOOOM.
34:20 – Guy gets charges with seven counts of jury tampering for handing out FIJA pamphlets.
36:05 – Marvel Cinematic Universe is anti-capitalist? An analysis of a clickbait article.
45:16 – The Deadpool Trailer Trailer is Chimichanga good.

FYI for subscribers: we are still migrating past episodes from our old site, a couple at a time. 


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