Snakebites 154: Government Mandated Tampons

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – 4th of July hate and general how do you do’s.
07:09 – Greece talk. Shit hitting the fan scenarios.
13:59 – Murderous cops exist. John gets fatigued because he has to talk about it again.
16:38 – Someone was papering a church with anti-black racist fliers and signs. It was a black guy.
19:08 – Montana and New Mexico require a conviction for civil asset forfeitures now.
20:53 – Court clerk resigns instead of signing marriage licenses for same sex couples.
27:23 – Hawaiian asshole senator who harasses homeless people get harassed by homeless people.
29:51 – Oregon looking into taxing cars by the mile. John tax rants for a bit.
33:48 – Robot murders a guy.
35:43 – The F35 was beaten in mock combat by an F16. 350 BILLION DOLLARS.
39:02 – Christians are losing their minds because now a poly couple wants to marry.
42:00 – Leland Yee: Democrat, anti guns, pleads guilty for gun running for the mob.
44:58 – China appears to be falling apart with a nearly 8% drop in their stock market. John gets mad because people’s eyes glaze over when you talk economics.
1:04:32 – White college professor suggests that all white people commit suicide.
1:12:23 – SWAT team invades wrong house. Family gets cited for broken windows from the home invasion.
1:14:42 – Government mandated tampons.
1:35:40 – Mandatory confederate flag story.


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