Snakebites 153: Sick of Hearing About It

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Show Notes

00:28 – Liberace Shrugged. Gay people are allowed to beg for permission like everyone else now. Holy gay gayness of gay.
10:52 – Our terrible horrible no good very bad week.
14:50 – Detroit power outages. Detroit Edison employees get mugged while trying to do repairs. Scott drives in Detroit for a living. He got robbed this week.
20:49 – California bans anti vaccs. John explains viral resistance and other shit. Delta32.
28:44 – This week’s Uber story. Uber riots in France. Uber robberies. Unions and organized labor. Scott doesn’t understand why petty thugs tend to make dumb decisions.
44:17 – Trigger warnings are now triggers.
56:47 – Can’t back your car into the driveway anymore in FLAH RID DUH.
1:06:18 – Never enough NAP.
1:13:46 – Melissa reviews MUSE – Drones.


Show Notes


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