Snakebites 152: Father’s Day 2015

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Show Notes

00:28 – John is in a fuckin’ mood.
01:52 – Penis hair boy murders black people because he’s an asshole. BUT GUNS. Racism ralk. John wants to burn every flag ever.
18:05 – 7 retailers to close 6,000 stores.
18:54 – Cannabis dispensary raid shenanigans.
23:16 – More of the Waco Motorcycle gang murders.
25:00 – AT&T net neutrality fun.
32:00 – Uber being murdered by a court decision. OTOH Uber bans firearms for all users.
34:49 – Court rules that living off the grid is illegal without special permission, records, fees etc.
37:58 – Dude runs over dozens of people. No call for banning cars.
39:13 – Cop union asshole to citizenry – YOU’RE ON NOTICE FOR BEING ANTI COP
40:15 – Another “Cops are supposed to be dumb” story, this time back by an ex CIA guy.
41:31 – Fundcrowding – Crowds for hire being hired by politicians.
47:03 – LA county cops blaming new guns for negligent discharges instead of negligence.
50:14 – Boys scout troop leader who is also a cop rapes a boy and threatens him by killing and torturing animals in front of him. Years later abused boy comes back and stabs the shit out of the cop troop leader. Reap what you sow.


Show Notes


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