Snakebites 155: Empty Graves

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – A weak week in review. Plumbers suck.
18:03 – China stock market talk. John toots his own horn.
21:10 – SF minimum wage officially went up 14%. Restaraunt prices officially went up 14%. Well, no shit. Scott’s son makes more than him at his first job.
23:44 – Greeks want Germany to pay their debts because World War II. Bitcoin jumps up. John’s trust levels are diminishing.
30:04 – Fifty two thousand rounds of ammunition for the Hoover Dam? Vague Jade Helm 15 talk.
36:07 – Cop threatens to break 14 year old boy’s neck, call his language “A technique, verbal judo.”
38:42 – Now they’re proposing digging up dead confederates.
42:09 – Masshole drug lab chemist lies. 40,000 lab results over ten years are now dirty and thousands of people sent to prison unjustly. She calls it a “Screw up”
46:28 – Michigan judge is a really really horrible person.
52:07 – Asshole cop does a hit and run, decapitating a guy. Claims he didn’t notice hitting a person with his car.
55:23 – 3d printed guns again. Goobers looking for a new wrinkle in the law to try a ban.
1:01:15 – The hour of geek power. The gang reacts to John’s favorite three Comicon thingies. Batman V Superman, Ash vs. Evil Dead, and Star Wars.

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