Snakebites 151: LIAR

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Show Notes

00:28 – The Numbah 151
05:29 – US companies taking out loans like crackheads.
11:26 – That whole thing with the bikers in Waco. Talk radio hatred.
19:32 – More minimum wages shit in case you aren’t bored with it yet.
26:44 – So no global warming now? Or yes? Or cooling? Or *FART*
28:28 – 13 year old girl kills herself after her father made a youtube video chopping her hair off and humiliating her. [See show notes for update]
31:32 – The Bees are gonna be okay now. Or again. Or there was never anything fucking wrong with the bees. Who knows.
33:52 – Credit card scanners are insecure. Really insecure.
36:21 – Ten stories that no one is paying attention to this week because Bruce/Caitlin Jenner is preparing to cock his/her cocknballz off.
1:00:35 – Mattress girl made a fuck tape. If you watch it, you’re a rapist, too. Like The Ring or Videodrome, only with rape.
1:19:45 – Transabled people fucking suck.
1:26:21 – Video game fun. Lego Worlds and the Fallout 4 trailer.


Show Notes

  • According to some sources, the suicide, humiliating haircut and video were real, but the father did not post the video. The girl sent it to her friends after her father sent it to her.

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