Snakebites 150: Snail Trails, Manspreading, and Porn Goggles

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Snakebites Index

00:28 – DIGRESS MUCH?!?!? Scott and John both tell war stories before the show gets rolling.
22:04 – Ross Ulbricht goes away into a cage until he dies.
28:38 – Man has stroke at the wheel of his car. Cops taze, pepper spray, and run over his foot with his own car.
32:38 – Remember that baby who got hit in the face with a flash bang grenade? It was all his fault for not dodging the grenade, and also for associating with criminals.
35:39 – The better you are at your job, them more you will be punished. From the not quite news department.
47:04 – Porn goggles.
49:36 – John skips a story out of disgust.
49:50 – US Military sends anthrax all over the place via Fedex.
52:26 – It rained a lot.
55:07 – A horrible story about asset forfeiture muddled by a clickbait title.
1:00:20 – Dudes finally arrested for manspreading. JUSTICE IS SERVED.
1:07:15 – Venezuelan money is worth less than toilet paper.
1:08:55 – Driverless trucking. Some car talk.
1:19:05 – Religious leader gets caught fucking a dude in the butt. Also embezzling.
1:21:07 – Kung Fury Review


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