Snakebites 149: Dead Soldiers

Link to MP3 (strong language)
Snakebites Index

00:28 – Intros. Half-assed lip service to Memorial Day because f*ck that noise.
01:11 – Bernie Sanders wants your money to pay for free things that cost nothing, except for your money. Lots of Mel and John ranting about college.
22:58 – Cops suggesting that people who film cops should die a slow death. Because protecting and serving the citizenry.
25:16 – Female prisoners suing Riker’s Island for letting guards rape them.
26:56 – Loreal 3d Printing skin.
31:12 – Home security and defense of the home.
42:18 – BBQ with magma.
44:40 – Poltergeist (2015) review.


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