Snakebites 145: Spring Cleaning

Link to MP3 (strong language)
Snakebites Index

00:28 – NYPD busted a basketball player’s leg. Maybe they were betting on another team? Cops lie.
06:23 – Cops kick the ever living shit out of a guy in the desert on live TV while a news reporter tries desperately to spin. It’s a rich and delicious horror/comedy blend. Cops and maximum IQ requirements.
11:27 – NYPD raid homes without warrants. Totally disgusting but *Shrug*.
14:09 – MC cop shoots a guy in the back eight times, plants a taser near the corpse as evidence that there was a struggle over the taser, claims he tried CPR. There was video. He was lying about everything but the shooting someone in the back.
22:36 – Cleveland cop stands on hood of car and fires fifteen rounds through windshield. Doesn’t remember doing it.
24:48 – Hillary Clinton. Rand Paul. Jeb Bush, and other punchlines. Vague hatred for politics.
41:25 – Spring cleaning at the Shaw abode.
56:13 – John and Mel’s Adventures at a preparedness expo.
1:07:28 – Daredevil TV show. Scott chimes in.
1:13:39 – Back to some serious 3d printing love. 3d printed food, 3d printer shopping talk, John basically jacks off about 3d printing.

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