Snakebites 143: Triggered

Link to MP3 (strong language)
Snakebites Index

00:28 – The Snake of the Affairs of the Bites
04:55 – Homeowner wants to cut tree down. Government says no. Tree destroys sewage line. Government bills the homeowner ten grand.
08:36 – EPA hates BBQ because it is a better acronym.
15:03 – Half billion dollars disappeared into Yemen. Half a billion is bush league.
18:32 – POTUS suggested mandatory voting. No. Fuck you. I won’t vote.
27:56 – Don’t like mandatory voting? How about mandatory church?
33:08 – White House says they no longer have to respond to FOIA requests because they said so.
35:13 – Kroger open carry.
40:20 – Feminist Vagazzlehand triggers.
1:00:02 – The Shea Show is super awesome.
1:17:18 – Pillars of Eternity is also awesome. Videos games and Oculus Rift.


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