Snakebites 134: Infinite Rape Kits

Link to MP3 (strong language)
Snakebites Index

00:28 – Guns, 3d printers, and choices. But not 3d printing guns somehow. The Molyneux exodus? Government-supplied dating redux.
17:45 – Asset forfeiture going away maybe sorta?
22:54 – Cop blows off finger in a negligent discharge at a gun shop. Sues gun shop. Brandie wants to be Harry Dresden. A little prepping talk.
31:37 – Cop tells on other cops for having sex with hookers. Gets fired.
35:30 – The NM cops who murdered the homeless guy are charged with murder a year later.
39:07 – Pope dumbass says a dumbass thing. Religion talk.
46:39 – Detroit rape kit update – 30 year old rape kits can still be processed. And other things.
53:18 – Not enough babies to grease the wheels of the parasitic economy.
1:22:12 – A boy didn’t go to heaven after all. The publisher pulls his very profitable book.
1:27:40 – The Satanic coloring book defeated the bible in Florida.
1:32:19 – Discovery channel dumping mermaids and megalodons for real science again?
1:37:37 – Scott and his dick rocks.

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