Snakebites 133: Sour Pussies

Link to MP3 (strong language)
Snakebites Index

00:28 – Share and donate? Pee rocks. Cat butts.
02:52 – Religious assholes kill people in France. Murderous Sourpusses.
11:48 – Gallup: Everyone hates the gooberment. More religion because f*ck religion today. Harumph.
17:44 – Former NYPD drug jerk admits to framing people. A lot.
20:14 – Rapist cop kills himself. Good.
23:22 – Cop tries to shoot someone’s dog. Manages to shoot the lady who owned the dog because he fell down went boom.
25:36 – Someone loosened lug nuts on police car in NYC. It’s funny.
27:29 – Michigan Judge arrested for DUI, his brother had a sock full of weed. They’re 60. Judge had no idea his brother had a sock full of weed after spending the entire day on a boat with him getting shitfaced.
31:02 – Ken Ham (Known Idiot) says we need to stop looking for aliens because they’re going to hell anyway. THE ALIENS ARE ALL DOOMED TO HELL. Mel’s experiences with church people.
35:53 – Dude who can’t get laid wants a government program to get laid.

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